Via Control panel -> Tournaments

In this section of the control panel, you can find an overview of all upcoming and finished tournaments, both private and public.

How to add a new tournament to your platform?

To create public or private tournaments, click the ‘+Add tournament’ button.

Name: Enter the name of choice for the tournament

Starts at: Enter the date and time at which the tournament begins.

At least half an hour in advance.

Gamemode*: Choose the gamemode, made by you, that applies to your tournament.

Game modes can be changed in the tournament overview panel until the tournament actually starts.

Private: Toggle on or off to determine whether your tournament is set private or public.

Invite only: When enabled, this allows players to only join the tournament when they received an invitation.

Country: select the countries to which a user can search for tournaments based on the user’s localization.

Postcode: select the post code to which a user can search for based on the user’s localization.

Allowed countries: only users whose address is in one of the selected countries may participate.

Premium only: only allow premium users to compete in this tournament, starting from the selected package and above.

Match check-in

Toggle on to use match check-in timers.

Set time to check-in; before every game you got a set amount of minutes to check in. This is an extra control mechanism to check if you're still present. If you don't check-in on time, you'll get disqualified from the tournament. Keep an eye on the app/website and make sure you don't miss your match!

The check-in timer starts running when both players are ready for the next game. Sometimes you'll have to wait for your opponent to finish an earlier match.


Toggle on or off to determine whether your tournament is repeatable.


Insert an image which can be used as an:

  • Overview image

  • Banner image

  • App overview image

  • App banner image

Partner info

Add relevant brands or partners who support this tournament:

  • Select brand.

  • Insert link to the brands’ page.


Enable the buy-in. Users will have to pay up a certain amount of a currency in order to join the tournament.


Determines the reward players receive upon participating and winning the tournament. More information on how the prize pools are set up can be found here.

Give product to winner

Enable this to hand out a product from the shop to the winner.



Upload a GIF animation that is shown in between matches.

Tournaments check-in timer

Sets the amount of time for each check in, more info on check-ins can be found here.