Stats for plug-in software

Strivecloud provides external tracking of stat events via the event stats feature. This allows our software to keep track of activities of your own software or application in order to set these up for our Strivecloud branded achievement feature.

Via Control Panel → User Loyalty → Stats

Click the ‘+ Add Stat Event’ button:

The following screen will appear:

  • Name: Give a name to your new stat event.

  • Type: ‘Event’ by default.

  • Description: Provide an informative description to this stat.

Event type: Standard

The standard event type let’s you implent the Strivecloud default stats for your event, these are derived from the Strivecloud platform and specifically cater towards Strivecloud features such as winning matches in tournaments, gaining levels, gambles, quizzes, logins, etc… .

Event type: Custom (1 of 3)

The custom event type let’s you create new stats to track external events from your own software or application. You determine the name of this stat and you provide the data the stat should track.

  • Event name: This refers to the data source that the stat should track. Fill in the name of the data column in your data files.

Event type: Custom (2 of 3)

  • Use season: Enable the use of seasons. Seasons are certain periods of time during which the custom stat should be tracked.

    Seasons: can be made via User Loyalty → Stats → Seasons

  • Period type: Determines the periode of time during which a stat should be measured.

    All events recorded for this user.

    From the creation of the stat.

    During the previous X days.

    Specific date range.

  • Measurement type: Determines the type of measurement to track the data values.

Event type: Custom (3 of 3)

Note: We suggest getting in touch with somebody of the Strivecloud Support staff to assist you in setting up these custom events. Our support staff can easily figure out your needs and how to configure the stat software to your data inputs in order to accurately track whichever user behaviour you want to be tracked.