Via ‘Control Panel’ → ‘Pages’

Besides default pages, you are able to add your own custom pages. You can edit, design and shape these pages any way you want, these are called composer pages. 

Composer pages

You can create your own composer page by clicking the ‘Add composed page’ button.

Name: Pick a name for your page.

URL: Enter the internal web link of your composed page.
Ex: If you named your page ‘My Pizza’ you can have a URL ‘’

Icon: Select the icon of your choice by picking one from the fonts list. Copy the code from the list and paste it into the field.

Ex: strivecloud-chest

Description: Provide your composer page with some additional information.

Header: Toggle on/off to enable/ disable your header on the page. 

Footer: Toggle on/off to enable/disable your footer on the page. The footer consists of your linked socials


If the header is enabled, you can upload the image of your choice to display in the header. An image for the light and dark version can be uploaded separately.