StriveCloud needs the following information to initiate the integration of your WunderMobility instance with the StriveCloud software.

1) Company Name
The company name to use as the space name.

2) Company Website
The company’s website to show on space pages.

3) Callback URL
The URL to the your WunderMobility backend tool, in our case:

4) Access Token
Instructions on how to get it are below.

5) Logo
Preferrably square logo to use on the StriveCloud platform

Getting an Access Token

Ask the client for access their WM backend tool, and login. In the case of the ‘main’ WunderMobility community, this is:

Navigate to “Settings”.

Navigate to “Backend API V2 Docs”.

Click “Manage Access Tokens”.

Fill in the form and click “Generate Token”.

An access token is generated.

Important Links: