A tournament mode in which each player will have played the same amount of matches at the end of the tournament. The amount of rounds is always a fixed number, often fewer than for a round-robin. Therefore it’s often the case that each competitor doesn’t play against all other competitors. Losing any kind of match will never result in an elimination from the tournament. Each player will play for a specific position.

Game mode

For this Swiss gamemode 1V1 Tournament, we set up a Swiss gamemode (more info on how to do this, can be found here).

  • Teamsize: 1

  • Leaderboard: FIFA 1V1

  • Competition type: Swiss gamemode

  • Maximum amount of participants per bracket: 16

  • Maximum amount of brackets (optional): empty

  • Maximum participants: empty

  • Inactive: off

  • Ranking: on


This will result in a tournament consisting of 16 participants, each participant will play a total number of 4 rounds (determined by the amount of participants). Click the ‘Brackets’ tab, the following screen will show up:


The brackets window clearly shows which match will be played first. Following the Swiss game mode ruleset, each participant will progress up or down the bracket when they win or lose. This makes it very clear for which position each participant will compete.

The player with the most wins, after 4 matches, will be declared winner. The bracket will look like this then:


When all the rounds are played and all the scores are submitted, the final results of the tournament are now shown in the ‘Results’ screen:

‘Expert Spy’ has been declared as the winner of the Swiss game mode tournament.