A popular game mode, often used for racing games. In the 1VMany game mode players are placed in groups, in which all players compete against each other. The same players in the same group, all play multiple rounds. The scores need to be submitted manually based on your position; the best players receiving the highest amount of points and the worst players the lowest amount.

The user wants to participate in a FIFA 1VMany tournament.

Game mode

For this 1VMany tournament, we set up a 1VMany gamemode (more info on how to do this, can be found here) with the following settings:

  • Teamsize: 1

  • Leaderboard: FIFA 1VMany

  • Competition type: 1VMany

  • Maximum amount of participants per bracket: 8

  • Maximum amount of brackets (optional): empty

  • Maximum participants: empty

  • Inactive: off

  • Ranking: on

  • Amount of rounds: 4


This will result in a tournament consisting of 8 players, playing 4 rounds. Click the ‘Brackets’ tab, the following screen will show up:


Entering the scores in a 1VMany is a bit different than in the other game modes.

All players will need to enter their score for the current round. Click the ‘Match’ tab, the following screen should appear:

To submit the scores after a played round, press the ‘Enter score’ button, the following screen will appear:

Provide screenshots: This provides the moderator of the tournament with hard evidence of the actual outcome of a match.

Enter your final position: Submit your score in the 1Vmany Match screen. The submitted scores will show up in the match chat. When every participant has submitted a unique position (= no equal positions are allowed), the next round will begin.

The player in the first position will receive the most points, the player in the last position will receive the least amount of points. Following a reversely proportional tendency:

1st place

8 points

2nd place

7 points

3rd place

6 points

4th place

5 points

5th place

4 points

6th place

3 points

7th place

2 points

8th place

1 point

You are required to do this for every round, until all rounds are played and the final results are known.

Submit a ticket

Click the button to submit a ticket. More information on submitting tickets and other support functionalities can be found here.

Ticket creation after submitting a faulty score

When all participants submitted their score and at least two players submitted the same score, the final result will be faulty. In this case a ticket will be automatically made:

The following notification will show up in the match chat:

A staff member will soon be here.

Tickets made with description: The submitted placements were conflicting

This confirms that a ticket has been made. More information on the moderation process and tickets can be found here.

End results

When all the rounds are played and all the scores are submitted, the ‘Bracket’ screen should look something like this:

This means that the final results of the tournament are now shown in the ‘Results’ screen:

The amount of points each player receives, directly affects the ranking of the leaderboard that was connected to the tournament during the set up. The amount of points each player eventually receives is determined by the position of each player on the leaderboard. Every round and every mutual difference, in the ranking of the players, matters.