We signed up for a FIFA single elimination tournament. Upon clicking the tournament in the overview and signing up for the check-in, the following screen will appear:

Ex: Single elimination tournament 1

Game mode

For this Single Elimination 1V1 Tournament, we set up a Single Elimination 1V1 gamemode (more info on how to do this, can be found here) with the following settings:

  • Teamsize: 1

  • Competition type: single elimination

  • Maximum amount of participants per bracket: 4

  • Amount of games to win a match: 1

  • Amount of games to win the grand final: 2

  • Maximum amount of brackets (optional): empty

  • Maximum registrations: empty

  • Inactive: off

  • Ranking: on


This will result in a tournament consisting of 8 players, divided over 2 brackets, each containing 4 participants. Click the ‘Brackets’ tab:

Ex: Bracket A

Ex: Bracket B


The bracket division clearly states which matches will be played in the first round. Since there are only 4 players per bracket, this round is actually a semi final.

End results

When all the matches are played and all the scores are submitted, the ‘Bracket’ screen should look something like this:

Bracket A:

Bracket B:

Since this tournament has two brackets (A and B), there are two winners. One per bracket. The ‘Results’ screen will look something like this:

Results bracket A:

Results bracket B:

The amount of points each player receives directly affects the ranking of the leaderboard that was connected to the tournament during the setup. The amount of points each player eventually receives is determined by the position of each player on the leaderboard. Every round and every mutual difference, in the ranking of the players, matters.