You can set up tournaments in which users can only participate after receiving an invite. You can set up an invite-only tournament:

Via Control Panel → Tournaments → +Add Tournament

When creating a new tournament, enable the invite-only toggle:

The invite-only tournament will look like this:

Note: invite-only tournaments will not be displayed in the tournament overview.

The admin will need to hand out the invites for the tournament via the ‘Send out invites’ button:

The following screen will appear:

Upload a CSV file containing the usernames of the participants you want to invite to the tournament. You can choose to add a ranking for each user, allowing you to manually set up a seeding process.

You can use the example CSV files to assist you in setting up the file correctly. After submitting the uploaded files, review and confirm the users to invite. An invite will be automatically sent to all participants from the list.

A confirmation will be displayed via the following notification:

User point-of-view

An invited user will receive a notification of the invite. After clicking the notification, the following screen will be displayed on the tournament screen:

After accepting the invite, the user is still required to check-in and join the tournament.

Invitation via mail address

When uploading a CSV file to invite users for an invite-only tournament, you can submit the user’s email addresses instead of their usernames. These email addresses must be the ones that the user used to register their account.