User-generated tournaments allow users to set up their own tournaments. Users can select any game mode that has


Whenever a user-generated tournament has been set up, the tournament admin will need to send out invites. Users will need to accept their user-generated tournament invite.

After accepting the tournament invite, the user is still required to check-in.

When the users have checked in and the tournament has started, the general tournament screen will look like this:

From this point on the tournament flow will be similar to that of any other tournament on the platform.

Note: The owner of the tournament can assign other moderators to assist them in the moderation of this particular tournament. It’s not necessary for this user to actually have the moderator role.

Buy-in tournaments

A new feature allowing tournaments with a buy-in amount of a certain currency. Every player has to hand in the same amount of currency in order to participate in the tournament. When the tournament is finished and the results are known, players will receive an amount of currency back according to their final result and position in the tournament.

The buy-in feature distinguishes itself from the regular prizepool system. Instead of letting the platform bank provide the payout, the payout sum is collected from the players. An application fee from the players is asked in order to participate in the tournament, this is called a ‘buy-in’. The sum of all player’s fees will then be divided and rewarded accordingly to the calculation model of your choice (linear, equal, etc.).

Note: A fixed percentage of the buy-in prizepool will be redirected to the platform at the end of the tournament.

When you create or edit the tournament, toggle on the ‘buy-in’ feature. The following screen should appear:

Determine the amount, currency, and pay-out model (linear or equal).

The buy-in tournament will be displayed on the tournament overview page like this:

On the general tab in the tournament, the following section will be visible: