Set up

A user generated tournament allows the use of private tournaments. This means users can create their own tournament and select the participants themselves for the tournament in particular.

To set up a user generated tournament you have to set up a game mode for private use. Create a new game mode as you would create any other game mode. At the end of the set up, in the final menu, toggle on the 'Allow for private use functionality.

This will change the gamemode to a user generated gamemode, which will look something like this in the game mode overview in the control panel:

Now that you’ve set up the appropriate game mode. The users can create their own tournaments:
Via ‘Menubar’ → Tournaments → 'User tournaments' tab.

Click the ‘Create your own tournament’ button:

  • Select a game

  • Select a game mode

  • Name: Give the tournament a name.

  • Start: Select the date and time at which you want the tournament to start.

  • Overview image: Upload the image you want to display as a thumbnail in the tournament overview.

  • Banner image: Upload the image you want to display as a banner.

The user that created the tournament will be the designated moderator of the tournament. When the set up is complete the following screen will appear:

Invite players: Invite players to the tournament

Invites sent: An overview of the invites that have been sent.

Select moderators from invitees: You can designate new moderators from the list of invite players.

Note: you can also submit user’s email addresses to send out invites for the user generated tournaments.

The tournament set up is now complete, if you want to return to the invite selection screen you can click the ‘Manage invites button’: