Via -> Control Panel -> Games -> Game modes

We have provided our platform with a vast selection of different game modes. Knowing the differences between all these different modes is very important in order to guarantee a flawless user experience. A thorough explanation of these game modes can be found here.

Create custom game modes, easily activated and deactivated for each mode.

Click the ‘+Add gamemode’ button:


Enter a name for your custom game mode.


Determine the amount of players each team consists of.


Select the game that applies to your game mode.


Only applies to the League of Legends game modes.

Competition type

Pick a competition type which applies to your game mode. All different competition types are further explained here:

  • Single elimination: a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated from the tournament. Each winner will play another in the next round, until the final match-up, whose winner becomes the tournament champion.

  • Double elimination: a competition with a defined number of players where teams or players are not knocked out, or eliminated, until they lose two rounds.

  • 1vMany: a competition type where one player competes against all the other players.

  • Round Robin: each competitor plays in turn against every other over an extended period of time.

  • Round Robin + single elimination

  • Round Robin + double elimination

  • Round robin + swiss game mode

  • Scrim: a league where you can play against opponents for a certain amount of time. Even if you lose a game, you can keep playing the tournament. At the end of a league the player with the most wins or points is the league winner.

  • Swiss game mode: each player plays the exact same amount of matches to compete for a position on the leaderboard.

  • Single player: a gamemode specifically designed to compete in single player games via top scores on a leaderboard.


Enable or disable ranking, allowing you to determine the amount of ranking points players win or lose.


Utilize the leaderboards you made for each game mode.


Enables a matchmaking algorithm to match players against each other of equal skill level, which is based on each player’s position on the leaderboard.

Map pick phase

Enable this setting to allow a map picking phase after every round, as set up via: Control Panel → Games → Maps. More info about this set up can be found here:

Tip: For more general information on the different game modes, we refer to this article.