Before any tournaments or leagues can be created, it’s required to link the supported games to the platform.


How to add a new game to your platform?

Via Control Panel -> Games -> Games

To add a service to your platform click the ‘+Add game’ button.

‘Add a game’ form

Name (*)

Enter the complete and correct name of the game you want to link

Service (*)
What service is the link for?

Link the game to it’s supporting service.

You can find examples for each image type here. In the examples below, the designs of League of Legends are being used

Icon (*) 

square (250 x 250) 

Used as a small logo, often amongst other logos from different games.

Filter icon (*)

Icon used in the tournament/leagues overview. 

The grayscale of the icon image.

Thumbnail (*)

Grid - 255 x 154 px

Ideal to use in a grid display along with other thumbnails.

Banner (*)

1000 x 220 px

This format is used as a header for tournaments, leagues, matches, etc… .

Background (*)

1920 x 1080 px

A full screen display in the theme of the game.

Linking games

Via User profile -> My profile

After creating the game via the control panel, the user can link his profile to the supported games.

As a user you are required to link the games in which you want to compete on the platform. Click on ‘Link games’, on the left side of the user profile. The following window should pop up:

When you picked a game, you are required to link the account of the service that supports the game:

Game overview page

You can create an overview of all the games available by enabling a built-in page called ‘Games’. More information on how to enable a built-in page can be found here. This requires you to use ‘/games’ as your internal link path.

 The web address of this page will look like this:

Games that you linked to your account are labeled by a small ‘chain’ icon: