Coachmarks are a helpful tool in providing the users with necessary information about the platform’s functionalities. In the form of pop-ups, these display short and helpful bits of information to aid the user in their platform navigation and participation.

You can set up new and existing coachmarks yourself.

Via Control Panel → Coachmarks

In here you can find an overview of the already available coachmarks.

(insert screenshot of the coachmark overview)

Create a new coachmark

You can create a new coachmark by clicking the ‘+Add coachmark’ button:

The following screen will appear

Title: Insert a title for the coachmark.

Content: Insert the informative text you want to display as a coachmark

Group: Assign the coachmark to a group. (The only available group is ‘general’ at the moment)

Coachmark enable/disable

Every coachmark can turned on or off respectively by clicking the ‘X' or 'V’ icon next to the coachmark.

  • Enable the coachmark by clicking:

  • Disable the coachmark by clicking:

Coachmark order

Whenever a coachmark is enabled it will receive a number, indicating the order in which the coachmark will appear. You can change this order by clicking:

The following drop down menu will appear:

  • Edit coachmark: allows you the set up the coachmark again as if you’d set up a new one.

  • Move up: change the order in which the coachmark will appear, moving it to the top.

  • Move down: change the order in which the coachmark will appear, moving it to the bottom.

Reset the coachmark for display

Whenever the user has seen the set of coachmark as setup from the control panel, it’s required to reset the coachmark display in order to see the coachmarks again as a user.

This can be done by clicking the 'reset coachmark button':

Note: To display the platform as if you were a new user, it’s required to add the following suffix after the URL ‘?newuser=true’. For example ‘’

Coachmark display

Below you can seen how a coachmark will be displayed for a user. Enable ‘Don’t show tips' to disable all other coachmark. Clicking ‘Next tip!’ will display the following coachmark as determined by the coachmark order.